Aural Palate Cleaning Exercises

by Milo's Planes



released March 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Milo's Planes Bristol, UK

We're a punk/post hardcore band from Bristol. There are four of us now (there used to be three and before that, two) . Our favourite things are Wire & Fugazi.

We've just released our second album on Howling Owl Records and are going to release a third in April 2017.

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Track Name: Two Feet In a Crowd
Standing by crowds as if to sign autographs;
No more distinct than two feet in a crowd
How idyllic, how intuitive.
Now you creep like traffic around their dropped covert secrets
I was forewarned about this
I let it fly above my head
These curtains have gaps; she can see what we're doing
You must feel nothing to keep that smile,
To still seem happy whilst on trial
I can catch in one clench the things you've proved
But I'd have to wipe clean the blood from your tooth
Although none of us spoke, they already know
Because it's safer just to crawl we've been wearing
Now these deepening pools of blood make a noise as you creep in
We'll shout surprise when you arrive and you'll believe it
Track Name: Something Else
Cut me out of this cool conjecture,
Because it's getting cold.
You're selfishly self-assured,
Because there is no proof
Grind out this old aging formula;
Hollow out chunks of soul.
What if they told you they want something else?
It takes a treat to forget the reason
And you've got a sweet tooth.
Tooth to door, to slam again again again…
And this keeps happening until you can't chew
What if they told you they want something else?
Or should we just tell you what you want to hear?
Track Name: Never Know
They cut and paste the fault because they've no time
It's good for you, this salt; it's meant to make you try
Don't phrase it differently, it means the same thing
And you ought not to try and make it sound better
How do you get so broke without a dent?
At least it's nice to know our telegram sent
You'll swallow this whole and spit the truth
Sincerely misread, I don't think you should
I always knew
Track Name: Sinking
I bought these shoes just for this job
Now I fall down a lot
As I step round, as I weave
Between the lines and cracks of these
Cobbled, weather beaten streets
And as I gaze down at my feet
I don't know where I am
But I will find a way to get there when I can
Seems overdue to send them back
Now it's too late for that
Aged discomfort's struck a mould
Which allows each foot to sink into sole
Track Name: Lost Talent
Backbone snapped while you relaxed
On into your newly acquired throne
Don't look so perplexed as to why it's so,
Scratch your material head before you think
Before you injure yourself
He's broke so he now clears his throat
So we can hear him speak
So we can hear his orders
And devise to have his orders overthrown
Lost talent, Lost.
Track Name: Tracing Paper
A capsule has been unopened
Housing blueprints, you're feeling hopeful
Your tracing paper can't have much life left;
It's torn in places where, it really shouldn't wear
I hope I never get lost.
I hope you don't stay lost for long
With instructions for construction, you built it wrong.
But there are places you can go to practise,
There you'll belong
I wasn't talking; I knew the truth behind it
We would wait to halt the one worth stopping
But we won't audition them; we can't condition them
Track Name: Only Listen
He turned up untrained to his final bout
Chose not to hear us cheer as the bells rang out,
But others leave their lights on,
Exaggerate for fortune's sake; to sell.
It was nice to hear him make a sound
But even he only listens now
Work out what I'm trying to say
Track Name: Interlude #1
peng gully rah vexed peak times
Track Name: 1000 Times
Always wondered how you really feel,
Now I know...
Amongst a tension always saved,
I withhold thoughts as they irritate
A broken mind so racked with guilt.
They return a thousand times
But are never spilt.
I know I'm wrong
But my silence at the time says it all
It lies pensive in this body,
I hope it doesn't get out,
And for all of this I'm sorry
I just wish I could show how
So here's a little blue song
Track Name: People's Houses
I lost the will today.
I got the keys to your house
And for the entirety of my day
Was in your house as someone else
In case you haven't yet thought of it,
It tempts me, not even a tiny bit
It speckled drip stains and cracks,
I despair as to why we're attached
When you learn to loosen these straps
There's a career for you and you're trapped
Remember all that free time you used to have?
Track Name: A Tragedy's Perfect Surface
In the layered screams of the less evolved;
The avoid-in-street, Neanderthal,
Take a breath; do as you're told
The one's that boast and wish you well,
I hate them most; I let it dwell
Take a breath, do as they tell.
Why is everyday still a surprise?
In a room so bare, yet thickly dense,
Devoid of glare and shut to vents,
Take a breath and make it last
Nobody laughs, nobody knows
They shut their eyes and dream of home
The cautious allies who whispered wishes
Soon found their cloaks with tampered stitching;
Cut and cornered, left to fall
And all their tools were soon found missing
It's lucky I'm disposable
Track Name: Whilst It's Precise
You confused shrewd tactics with being too slow
You always rely on companions so brain dead and numb
To reward you for thinking 'just save some'
Whilst it's precise, it's soul-less.
Track Name: Other Attributes
'Can I touch it? Is it natural?'
I'm so sorry your hindrance from working
Is something I can't control
It's not a habit out of hand
It really is just my natural hair
And in many ways is more bold
Than the beacon of flesh
You call a head
'Does your mother have to shock you?
For it to stand on end?'
Yes it stands to attention,
You're so attentive
Now let's try other attributes
Your head's entirely a scalp,
Without cover we can see all your thoughts fall out
Track Name: A Letter In Confidence
I've been told not to read these words,
Grandeur and bold,
It states what we all thought but can't report
I've been trying desperately to observe
Neutrally through this cracked wall
It shines like a jewel:
A letter in confidence
As dense as crowded streets
My hand shakes whilst I consider theft
This whole debate this whole exception to the rule
Is in my hands in that moment
I crumble under deep breaths
From time to task I worry how long I've been time wasting
Track Name: Interlude #2